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Current Dishes
Carrot, Kombucha Bbq   Current
Chicken Fried Toast
Comte Gnudi, Marmite
Coppa Sliced - Dish
Dark Chocolate Fondant, Brown Cheese, Kyro Cream
Focaccia, Chimmichurri
Mortadella Bun
Mushroom Croquettes   Current
Old Winchester Wurst, Pickles, Dijon
Panisse, Ortiz Anchovy, Tomato
Short Rib Martabak
Torched Mackerel, Fennel, Cafe De Paris
Triple Cooked Chips   Current
Caramelised Chocolate Fondant, Pistachio Ice Cream   Current
Dark Chocolate Fondant, Brown Cheese, Kyro Cream
Expresso Martini Tiramichoux
Fondant, Peanut, Rhubarb
Orange Olive Oil Cake, Passion Fruit, Meringue   Current
Tiramisu Ice Cream Sando   Current
Battered Anchovies, Nasturtium Tartar Sauce   Current
Braised Pork Snack Candy   Current
Carrot, Mole   Current
Cheese Gnudi, Butter   Current
Duck Breast, Peking Sauce, Rhubarb   Current
Ham, Blackened Pea, Broth   Current
Jersey Royals, Crab   Current
Kimchi, Nasturtium   Current
Korean Fried Chicken Spec   Current
Mackerel, Yakitori, Bonito   Current
Purple Sprouting, Charred Celery Pistou   Current
Rosary Goats, Sourdough, Tomato   Current
Sando - Coppa, Salami, Comte, Olive Salad, Pistou
Sando Vegan - Ham, Chorizo, Olive Salad, Pistou
Archived Dishes
Artichokes & Broad Beans   Current
Beans, Tahina, Harissa   Current
Beef Crumpet   Current
Beef Fat Ratte Potatoes, Whipped Cod's Roe   Current
Beetroot, Smoked Pink Fir
Brown Crab, Tenderstem   Current
Bunday Roast   Current
Buttermilk Sorbet, Rhubarb   Current
Caramelised Chocolate Fondant, Pistachio Ice Cream   Current
Charred Leaf Salad   Current
Chckn Nuggets, Ranch Dressing   Current
Chicken Katsu Sando   Current
Chicken Wings, Truffle, Sweetcorn   Current
Chicory Salad   Current
Chicory, Fettle, Orange   Current
Christmas Bun   Current
Cods Roe, Salt Bae, Quinoa   Current
Corn Dog   Current
Coronation Salad (ve)   Current
Courgette, Stracciatella, Grapefruit   Current
Crab Katsu, Gochujang, Pickled Beansprouts, Salted Cabbage   Current
Crab, Broccoli, Togorashi   Current
Crayfish Doughnut   Current
Crimbo Katsu   Current
Cured Trout, Fennel Pollen Tartar, Mouli   Current
Curry Fried Chicken   Current
Cuttlefish   Current
Doughnut, Apple Gratin, Vanilla Ice Cream   Current
Doughnuts & Lemon   Current
Duck Prosciutto, Ox Pastrami, Treacle Pork Belly   Current
Fermented Potato Bread   Current
Flatbread, Butter, Anchovies   Current
Flatbread, Ricotta   Current
Galician Sirloin, Green Peppercorn   Current
Gnocco Fritto, Cuttlefish   Current
Gnudi, Charred Celery, Pistou
Gnudi, Salsa Verde, Celery   Current
Hake, Parsnip, Shrimp   Current
Halloumi, Squash, Dukkah   Current
Herb Salad, Mustard Dressing   Current
Hispi, ‘nduja, Burrata, Golden Raisins   Current
King Oyster, Jerusalem Artichoke, Hazelnuts   Current
Korean Katsu   Current
Lamb Belly Skewer   Current
Lamb Birria Crumpet
Lamb Chop, Lemon, Almond, Labneh   Current
Lamb Neck, Turnip, Creme Fraiche   Current
Lamb Ribs, Goats Ranch, Chermoula   Current
Lamb Sausage & Egg Yolk   Current
Lasagne Katsu   Current
Leeks, Buttermilk Ricotta, Tarragon, Cured Yolk   Current
Leeks, Fermented Celeriac, Almonds   Current
Lemon Sole, Fish Peppercorn   Current
Mackerel Ceviche, San Marzano   Current
Mackerel, Kohlrabi, Labneh
Mozzarella, Peas, Whey   Current
Muffuletta   Current
Orange Olive Oil Cake, Passion Fruit, Meringue   Current
Ox Cheek Pastrami   Current
Ox Tongue, Horseradish, Sauerkraut   Current
Pickled, Ferments, Gem, Coal
Pizza Pocket   Current
Pizzetta, Rib, Bbq, Toum   Current
Pork Chop, Walnut, Rhubarb   Current
Pork Neck, Beer, Pickled Endive   Current
Pork Ribeye   Current
Pork, Ricotta Ranch, Chermoula, Apple   Current
Pork, Tabasco, Sour Cream, Fennel   Current
Prawn Toast, Ink Terra, Fennel
Quail, Turnip, Butter Sauce   Current
Rare Beef, Chimmi, Yolk, Castelfranco
Reuben Doughnut
Rhubarb Choc Ice
Ricotta & Courgettes   Current
Salmon Pastrami, Pickles   Current
Salt Beef, Mustard, Sauerkraut   Current
San Marzano Tomatoes
Sando - Coppa, Salami, Comte, Olive Salad, Pistou
Short Rib, Red Cabbage, Fermented Potato Bread   Current
Sir Digby Chick’n Caesar   Current
Smoked Anchovy Gilda X2
Spätzle, Cacio E Pepe, Szechuan   Current
Szechaun Nashville, Fermented Fennel   Current
Tahini Beans   Current
Tiramisu Ice Cream Sando   Current
Tomato & Smoked Jowl   Current
Tomatoes, Furikake, Yakitori   Current
Tomatoes, Graceburn, Black Garlic   Current
Torched Mackerel, Labneh, Saffron Vinegar   Current
Trout Pastrami, Cured Fish, Cider/ale Crackers   Current
Trout, Brown Butter, Chard   Current
Trout, Creme Fraiche, Cucumber   Current
Trout, Smoked Whey, Plum   Current
Vegan Buffalo Fried Chicken
Watercress, Grapefruit, Almond   Current
White Anchovies, Lovage, Grapefruit   Current
Winter Gem Caesar   Current